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Check out our winter theme coloring sheets and activity page

We want to provide parents and educators / care-givers with the best resources available on the internet. After all, that's why we created this site! That said, we have to face the reality that we cannot do it ALL !

Since we are on the internet (most likely, more that you want to be), we have run across a few place that we believe are exceptional resources or have expertise in areas that we simply do not intend to cover. As such we believe its best to share the knowledge of these sites with you.

BUT Wait,...before you click away.... remember to set BlueBonkers as a "Favorite" so you won't have any problem coming back here in the future!

 External Resources and Links

PapaJan - Comprehensive site listing many activities and parent tips
 Our own Seasonal or Favorites

BlueBonkers will frequently have a seasonal "special" set of pages that only appear when necessary and have no other linkage within our site....except here !

Christmas Carol Lyrics - Christmas Carols and Favorite Christmas Song Lyrics - Printable sheets with the words to all your favorite Christmas songs, perfect to print before going caroling in the neighborhood.