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BlueBonkers FAQ and Contact

BlueBonkers Contact

Contact and FAQ page

BlueBonkers welcomes your input and feedback. We want to make our site a place you want to return to often, and would recommend to your friends, other parents, and other childcare or education professionals.

Perhaps you have an idea, or have in mind some specific content that you would like to see on our site? Perhaps you want to send us some drawings or learning material that you created and want to share with other moms or education professionals?

If you would like to send us input by Email you can click on the following link and your computer will open YOUR mail client with our address in the Send to: of the email. Just type out your message to us and hit send and your computer will send us your input!

E-Mail Link button BELOW:

Come back often and drop us a line to let us know if you like what you see!

BlueBonkers FAQ - Answers to frequent questions

FAQ List

We appologize if we haven't constructed our site in a way that leaves you with a question, or have failed to communicate clearly some information that you would like to have specifically covered.

Please take a minute to read over these tips and answers to see if the question you have may have already been asked previously.

Remember that we have a seperate page that discusses PRINTING issues !! (see menu on the right)

Link to BlueBonkers

A link to the BlueBonkers site provides your audience, students, or customers with valuable additional content! If you are a teacher, operate a school, daycare, childcare BLOG or web site, featuring Kid-Safe and parent information , we would love for you to link to us. For your convenience, we have built some link code that you can simply copy-and-paste into your site. Use the selected links below, or feel free to create your own!

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Standard Graphic Links

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Blog Style Link

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Adding a LINK back to is a great way to provide your friends / students / and visitors a tremendous fresh resource of learning and coloring materials !